Robin Hood's Computer Rescue Company

Business and Residential Service

Locally Owned - 24 Years
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    Small Office, Home Office, Professional Practice, Medium Business. Medical, Dental, Legal, Construction, Sales, Service, Retail, Financial. Multiple Office, Branch to HQ.

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    Network Administration

    On-going administration. Wired, Wireless, On-premise, Hybrid Cloud, Cloud migration

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    System, Network & Cloud Performance, High Availability, Scaling, Capacity Planning, Disaster Recovery, Wireless Optimization

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    Windows desktop and server, Linux server, Mac desktop

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    Residential & Home

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    Personal, Business, Enterprise. Vulnerabilities, Exposure, Attack Vector, Compliance, PKI, Encryption, RBAC, CIS, Certs, In transit, At Rest. Cloud strategies, Scanning. Air-gapped.

Let's take your Business to the  next level


Helping local Businesses achieve streamlined workflow and find ways to improve and simplify technology.

Responding to your business needs quickly and accurately resulting in lower cost service and product production resulting in confident, timely service and product delivery.

Avoid office frustration, Build for usability.

Avoid server problems, Build for measurability & security.

Avoid network problems, Build for scalability & security.

Avoid data problems, Build for scalability & redundancy.

We rapidly service all residential computer and Internet needs and

all small office, home office computer, network, and Internet needs.

Technology and IT Services


We come to Your  neck

of the woods


We serve the PUGET SOUND & COASTAL AREAS for all computer and networking services:

Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Lakewood, Tacoma, Puyallup,

Seattle, Aberdeen, Cosmopolis, Hoquiam, Dupont, Fife,

Ocean Shores, Raymond, Grayland & Tokeland, Westport,

and in-between areas, for a reasonable trip fee.

Since 1991, Robin Hood has been coming right to your location, often the same day, for an effective home service or business solution. 

We take a Cost-effective, methodical, detailed, thorough, common sense approach to your needs. 

No problem is too small or large.

We finish the job.

Providing to you the advantages of a MOBILE SERVICE, TAILORED to YOUR needs. 

13th Avenue SW OLYMPIA, WA 98502

W. Cohasset Dunes Ln. WESTPORT, WA 98595



Home and Small Office

All HOME SERVICES. MS-OFFICE issue resolution, Outlook problems, email server issues, Internet connectivity issues, dealing with ISPs. Time to swap that modem? HOME ENTERTAINMENT, theater, audio, video setup, wiring, troubleshooting, Smart-TV, remote control programming with step-by-step instructions & documentation, resolving interference conflicts between home wireless devices due to setup or inferior devices. Backup & Maintenance strategy, training and automation, or remote maintenance, this includes a template that is populated for you to follow at regular intervals.

Website Creation

If you like this site, or, this is a service we now provide.

Small to Medium Business - Network Administration

Microsoft Servers 2003, 2008, 2012

DCs, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Replication, TS, RDSH-remote desktop, DFS multi-site & city, Virtualization of Servers 

Linux Servers

RHEL & CentOS, Debian & Ubuntu. Some exposure to Fedora, SUSE, Slackware, Kali. ThinLinc-remote desktop. Asterisk. Postfix. DNSmask. Bind. Named. Samba. NFS. Rsync. ssh. Nagios. NginX. httpd. apache2. All file system management. 

Networks & Network Devices

Cisco and Juniper devices, hubs, switches, routers, firewalls, load balancers.


Teaching home users and small business users what the active and passive threats are on the Internet and how to avoid them. Designing Usable Security at every level. Mobile device, home device, desktop, workstation Hardening. Firewalls - Packet filtering, Circuit level gateway, Application level gateway, Stateful Multilayer Inspection & Web Application. Router & Edge Router as a firewall. Host-Based IDS, IDS/IPS, Rogue detection and location. Servers and Systems Hardening. Application Hardening. Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing.

Wireless & IP Telephony

Connectivity Issues. Extending wireless coverage through optimization, interference identification, wired to wireless extension, wireless to wireless - mesh. VPN to Wireless. MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS: IP-PBX, Voice, Video, VoIP, VoWiFi, SIP, IP-PBX, Wireless Real Time Location, Site Survey, HeatMapping, Spectrum Analysis. Unified Communications consulting. Analog Telephony Services, troubleshooting POTS or PSTN and Cat 3 troubleshooting and testing. Network cable testing for damage or defects, interference, TCP/IP services, Bandwidth qualification, and Traffic Identification and Flow Analysis; Logical, Full Endpoint IP reporting.

System Engineering - Consulting

End-to-End Engineering, Complex systems, metrics, analysis, optimization, performance base line and comparison. Linux, Windows, ExtraHop. Nagios. When you need the difficult or unknown accomplished. "I take a humble approach, knowing there is always more to learn. I will do any necessary research on my own time. Tackling problems outside of the normal scope of computer repair, sales and technology services. Some of the more difficult problems end up coming my way".

Virtualization & the Cloud

From Bare Metal to Virtualization to Docker Containerization to the Cloud. Virtualization of Servers, SDN, VMware, VirtualBox, Parallels.

Containers: Linux cgroups, LXC - Linux containers, custom process set or application set isolation with lower than virtualization overhead, Docker containers on a Linux Docker Engine. Mac os X and Windows platforms. 

Guidance with Cloud structure and setup; insuring Scalability, Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery that is appropriate for your business and future growth. Choosing the right combination of IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS with a Private, Public, or Hybrid Cloud. AWS, OpenStack, Chef, Docker. Cloud security considerations and risk mediation.

What You get  


Robin Hood, the owner, has 27 years experience in the industry.

AWS Certified Cloud Solutions Architect - AWS-CSAA

He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer - MSCE,

a Certified Wireless Network Administrator - CWNA,

a Cisco Certified Network Associate - CCNA,

CompTIA Security+ Certified - SECURITY+,

a LINUX Systems & Network Engineer/Admin - LPIC-1 & LPIC - 2 - CompTIA Linux+

a Juniper JNCIA.

He holds a BA from Evergreen State College.

He does scripting and is a budding programmer in Python and has completed courses in C#, C++, C, Bash, PowerShell, Algorithms and Big O notation.

Robin participates in CodeWars and Hackerank in order to increase his programming skills and increase his kata level. Robin knows his way around Visual Studio, PyCharm, & Eclipse IDE's.

Robin has taken courses in DevOps, Puppet, Chef, Kickstart for server deployment, Hadoop, Docker, Git, AWS and related cloud technologies, MySql and PostgreSQL, RiPv2, EIGRP, OSPF and BGP and Wireshark.

Robin has studied Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Usable Security Design, Cryptography, and Cyber-security; KVM, VMWare, VirtualBox, & Parallels Virtualization Technologies.


In short, Robin never stops studying in order to become more useful in helping others with information technology, unless it is to spend time with his dogs or to enjoy the benefits of meditation and exercise.

Professional Profile: Robin Hood's LinkedIn Profile

Robin Hood specializes in a customer centered, cost-effective, improved metrics, real-results approach and encourages you to make the decisions.

For the Business  client


Robin believes the best protection comes from following

professional best-practices regarding designing, implementing, iterative testing,

documenting and analyzing for efficiency, scalability, redundancy, high availability, and

application/service/product optimization.

Robin offers guidance on open source solutions vs. more proprietary solutions.

For the Home customer


Robin believes that the best protection from unwanted computer expenses comes by teaching you

how to maintain your computer,

why it's important to have a backup strategy,

how to insure you have system recoverability,

how to make good equipment purchasing decisions including

when to avoid upgrading to the next version of the operating system and

deciding whether to keep the existing system or purchase a new system,

how to remove bloatware from new computers,

how to avoid Internet infections, and

how to protect your identity, your private information, and your correspondence.

Robin can setup private browsing and encrypted email.

Robin also helps with home theater setup and

optimizing slow or unreliable wireless streaming (QoS for balancing small data intensive family/SOHO networks), and gaming UPnP setup.

Get all your families devices operating at rock solid reliability and blazing speed!